Friday, May 2, 2014

Springtime 2014

Us Binkleys have been having fun the past couple of months traveling to Pennsylvania, Kansas, Oklahoma and the usual fun in Waco. Enjoy the pictures! There are a lot of them!
In Pennsylvania, we got to visit our friends, Anna and Andrew. And in Kansas, we went to see the Murrays and Hills. We'll be settled in Waco the next couple of months:)

Shiloh and Jude being too cute together.

Shiloh's favorite room time activity-putting on Ian's clothes

She likes chocolate with sprinkles just like her momma:)

On our way to Pennsylvania!

He FINALLY fell asleep and was just oh, so cute!

Ian loved Anna!!!

And Shiloh loved Jude!

When in Altoona, one must visit Ollie's:)

And we got to meet Caliden!!!

And take a bath with him

And go out for drinks with his momma

At Penn State-I like taking pictures by statues when we go places. Really.

At the volleyball court at Penn State (it's a big deal)

At the Berkey creamery-an even bigger deal:)

Anna couldn't wait to style that boy's hair

Good ol' Pops toted us to and from the airport

Sam successfully grew a carrot! Bigger ones to come...

Andrea and her HUGE, cute dog, Ballard, came to visit. 

I mean, this dog was HUGE!

Fort Worth Zoo Run with Nani and Mimi

Visiting with Nannie and Papa

Farm Day and lunch with the one and only Christy-our midwife. We're slightly obsessed with her in a healthy way.

Again, I love statues.

Best attempt at a bluebonnet pic

So messy and so adorable

Zoo time with Grandma and Grandpa

How much do Cathy and Sam look alike here? A lot!

On our way to Kansas!

Braum's stop along the way (essential when on the path to Kansas)


Decoratin' Easter eggs

Steph and I

Awaiting their food together

Robert, Sam and Shiloh's puppy

Family Don Don time-another Kansas essential

The Easter egg hiders

This picture cracks me up

They were having so much fun!

Double date time-and you must admit, this is a really great photo of all of us.

And then we got to see Uncle Nick and Aunt Catherine!

AND Laura!

AND Nani!!! So many great visits!